City Glow

we only live once, let's live in beauty and health


  New client facial $80

new client spray tan $45

New client eyelash extensions full set $99


spray tan

Beautiful Luxury Glow will  be achieved with our Norvell solution.   It is loaded with anti-aging benefits and antioxidants. Besides getting a natural looking tan, you will achieve the rewards of healthy, beautiful skin for a lifetime. It is the right choice, look tan, stay healthy!


Beauty & Spa Boutique

We will help you discover the ways to flawless skin, we will give you the confidence to show your beautiful face to the world. We will make you fall in love with your reflection. Few things in life are as important as having  beautiful and healthy skin. 

Lana our Esthetician - "Are regularly scheduled facials important to youthful skin? Of course it is! By getting a regular facial each month, I am able to keep myself looking young at 32. People have always assumed that I am younger than my 26 year old boyfriend. My skin has been a priority for me since I was 16, growing up watching my mother methodically care for her skin and body. Although my mother recently turned 60, people regularly assume she is decades younger, and are surprised when they discover her age. The key to skincare is on-going regular maintenance. You need to preserve the elasticity of your skin at a young age in order to maintain a youthful look, and to age gracefully. I am more than happy to share my daily, weekly and monthly routines I practice to keep my skin glowing and youthful. No matter the state of your skin, we will be able to improve and fix your issues."





eyelash extensions

Stunning eyelashes will make you appear more youthful and awake, giving your eyes an extra brightness. They will not ruin your own eyelashes and will look very natural and comfortable over your eyes. They will save you time, because you won't need to wear any eye makeup at all. And you will be unforgettable to any company and in place you go to. 



Berodin wax is better than the best! In City Glow we offer blue and black hard wax filled with essential oils, which help achieve efficient and gentle results. Natural, soothing aromas of jasmine, lavender and camomile will put your mind at ease. In our experienced hands waxing will be gentle and relaxing.