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 new client spray tan $45

new client facial $80

New client eyelash extensions full set $99


spray tan

The innovative, organic Norvell® solution will give your skin a beautiful, luxurious glow. Packed with anti-aging benefits and antioxidants, the Norvell® solution will not only give you a natural looking tan, but will also help you achieve the rewards of healthy, beautiful skin for a lifetime.  Unlike typical sunless spray tanning products that temporarily darken skin by using dihydroxyacetone (DHA), Norvell® helps keep skin hydrated so your tan will look more even and natural, and the color will last longer.   There’s a reason this groundbreaking solution is rated #1 among by both customers and spray tan professionals. Whether you choose the rapid spray tan on the custom spray tan, you will be thrilled with the results!



At City Glow, we will help you discover the path to flawless skin, giving you the confidence to show your beautiful face to the world.  We are proud to work with Christina Professional Skincare, who has been developing specialized skincare products for healthier and younger looking skin since 1982.  The Christina Company has over 350 products and treatments, providing a perfect response to every skin care concern. Our skincare products are committed to producing professional skincare solutions with dynamic combinations of traditional botanical and scientifically advanced ingredients. Also of note: There are no synthetic preservatives in these products and they are NOT tested on animals.





eyelash extensions

Stunning Xtreme Lashes will make you appear more youthful and awake, giving your eyes an extra brightness. They will not harm your own eyelashes and will look very natural and comfortable over your eyes.  They will save you time, because you won't need to wear any eye makeup at all. These extensions are a real eye opener!



Berodin wax is better than the best! At City Glow, we offer blue and black hard wax filled with essential oils, which help achieve efficient and gentle results. Natural, soothing aromas of jasmine, lavender and chamomile will put your mind at ease. In our experienced hands waxing will be gentle and relaxing.