lana and Ana

We are two girls who really believe in the fact that beauty is important; let’s start with improving ourselves. Taking care of our body will improve our days .We promise to treat you, with love, and care. We want to transform your skin, make it lush, healthy, and tanned. For your face, we offer a look that is unforgettable,  the  look that ignites desire, and comes from silky and natural eyelashes, and expressive and perfect eyebrows. We will pamper your skin, making it supple, soft, glowing without spots or blemishes. Your confidence will soar, you will love the new you! The mirror will reflect  back the bliss of your smiling face.  Beauty lives inside us all, smile, love yourself, we are here for you!

Lana comes with the experience of  5 years of intense learning and practice in office, in the medical field. Far beyond work, what she does is her passion. This has led to her learning everything related to the care, health, beauty, and conditioning of skin.

Ana is a true artist, who has found her true call for expression in the art forms of creating beautiful eyelashes and captivating spray tans with rich highlighting techniques. With 4 years of experience in renowned and popular beauty spa saloons, she has come to know and perfect every aspect, of body and facial waxing, spray tanning, and eyelashes and extensions.

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