The latest and greatest technology in polymer formulation make this the best wax in the industry. Not only is it gentle on the skin, but it’s also strong at hair removal.

Berodin doesn’t know if you’re a man or woman, or anything in between. It also doesn’t know what type of hair you have or what color your skin is; from the lightest and to the darkest skin to the straightest and curliest hair, it doesn’t discriminate.

You won’t find a better wax on the market today.

Throughout history, all face and body hair traditions have their roots in eastern cultures. As soon as boys have developed any signs of facial hair they were no longer aloud to live on women’s side of the house. A bride has to extrude her most feminine appearance before meeting her groom by removing all unnecessary hair from her body. Most often, they wanted hair to be removed from their eyebrows, upper lip, underarms, bikini line and legs. The goal was to make skin appear extremely soft and smooth. From the very first day of marriage and every week afterwards, women were religiously battling unwanted hair. Even nowadays, most female clients go for bikini wax for the first time to surprise their partner. But later on, they continue doing it... but for themselves - the feeling of softness becomes quite addictive! The same feeling we get wearing expensive lingerie - most people don’t even notice it, but it makes you feel so feminine and gives you alluring confidence. Therefore, hair removal is not only a method of personal hygiene but also a strong declaration of your cultural preferences and sexuality!