norvell just the Best for your body

Beautiful Luxury Glow will  be achieved with our special anti-aging solution. We do not recommend over exposure to sun light, but acknowledge the healthy look and seductiveness of natural dark skin, Which makes you look thinner and covers up small imperfections on our bodies. More than a natural skin tanner, this is a treat to your body!  

Rapid spray tan, you only has to leave the solution for just 1-3 hours after the tanning session before showering. This is a perfect option for moms, business people, or anyone that just wants to be comfortable doing their daily chores or have appointments to attend to. It is especially popular for dancers or athletes that want a tan and have to work out or go to practice that day. This product makes it virtually effortless for anyone to fit a spray tan into their busy schedule.

Custom spray tan, you has to leave the solution for 8-24 hours after the tanning session before showering. This is a perfect option for people who has no way to take a shower during the day. Our formula isn't bed looking before the wash-off. However the guide color of your tan will probably appear darker than the finished result. When you go about your day you should pass for looking like you've upped the ante on the bronzer.   


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Norvell Spray Tan

  • RAPID                                      $65                 

  • PACKage OF 5                          $250

  • package of 10                         $450

  • CUSTOM                                   $55

  • PACKAGE OF 5                          $200

  • package of 10                         $350

  • PRE-SOLUTION                          $8

  • POST-SOLUTION                        $8

  • City glow dress                     $20

Before your tan:

  • Exfoliate

  • Stay smooth

  • no make-up or lotion

  • wear City glow dress or dark, loose fitting clothing. 

after your tan:

  • no showering or any activities that make you sweat!  (rapid 1-4hours; custom 8-12hours)

  • Moisturize daily

  • avoid long hot baths and showers

  • and remember! When you take a shower or a bath you will probably see some color wash off. Don’t worry. This is quite normal as it is only the color guide that the spray tan technician uses when the tan is applied. You will be left with a gorgeous tan.